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Note: This starts right after the Math Duel and meeting Ruo Yan. My Chinese is terrible, I originally wanted to translate this sentence by sentence but it was too hard for him so I have to summarize, some things might be inaccurate but this is just the main points. If anyone wants to correct me on anything to do with the story go ahead. I have so much spare time right now so I might post something everyday depend on my interest and whoever's readingSummary:

The snow fell onto the courtyard. Fengming wanted to sleep in but had to recieve his guests. Gui Sen told them that the King ordered his army to return from Xi Lei. Everybody was cheering then Gui Sen said that in three days the King wanted the Prince to go to a party. Gui Sen was sent to show the prince around for two days. Lie-er suggested that they should pretend to be civilians at that time. Official Xia disagrees somewhat, suggests to pose as Xi Lei's servants that came along with the prince. Lie-er ask Gui Sen for his advice on how to be civilians. Gui Sen sounds upset. His face paled and said that he should leave. Feng Ming's group chattered bit about politics and the General states that the prince shouldn't leave. So in the end, Feng Ming stayed inside.

The next day, more snow. A couple of Feng Ming's servants went out and heard rumors that the King is seriously ill because he was poisoned. Offical Xia is suspicious of the 3rd Princess who seemed way to eager to leave as if she knew that her father is ill. There is also mention of Ruo Yan' and the army returning back like a terrible omen. Basically they think that the army is withdrawn to prevent uprisings between the princesses when the King dies. 3rd, Gui Sen is way too nice. Something's off here. Feng Ming believes it's because he knew that the King is ill and wanted the 3rd Princess shipped off as soon as possible. Official Xia concluded he wanted Feng Ming to mess around and to slack off so that Feng Ming will have to stay and hopefully take his side and support him.

Official Xia stated there are spies following the Prince which is why he shouldn't leave or go anywhere. Feng Ming wonders why he is spying on him and why he is delaying him leaving. Everyone looks at the prince and got all embrassed. Lie-er stated because Gui Sen and Ruo Yan wants him. Feng Ming is shocked. Everyone moves onto how to get the 3rd Princess and leave as soon as possible". Decided Feng Ming will ask to leave as soon as possible during the Dinner Party.

Feng Ming talks to Offical Xia on his thoughts on Lie-er who is too intelligent to be a simple servant, thinks he's a spy and all. Xia mentions that Rong Tian wrote to him, the General and the prince. Feng Ming got very excited and Xia said that he should act more like Prince. Feng Ming demands the letter, which turned out to be sealed up in a wax ball. Feng Ming is confused on how to open it. Xia gave him a little advice, Feng Ming opens it and finds one word: An.

Feng Ming gets all frustrated and thinks he got the wrong letter. Xia thinks An meant something to do with Xi Lei's Royal Ceremony. Feng Ming tries to remember but all he remember from Rong Tian's lessons are his harrassment. Xia said it's a cerremony to pray to the Gods for the safety and welfare of the country. Apparently the letter is meant as a good luck token to do the ceremony poor Rong Tian had to not eat for a week. Feng Ming does not believe in that stuff but felt happy that Rong Tian went through all that trouble for him. Feng Ming said he didn't believe in that stuff but kept the letter anyways. Xia laughed.

The General comes in with the others and says that the 3rd Princess wanted the Prince to leave together as soon as possible. The King of Fan Jia is close to death, Lie-er commented on Gui Sen lusting for Feng Ming, who turned red in response. The day ends with the party packing up and preparing to leave tomorrow.


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