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My New Fair Princess

Can you say BUTCHERED??? When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was okay except for one thing. The set was too clean, you can't loose yourself in the series. It's like you know it's fake, I mean you know you're watching a series but you can loose yourself. This is an example of people thinking money can make a good show. Pathetic.

I saw all the reviews and I know it's bad but I want to give the show a chance. And you know what I find out? I want to cheer for the Empress and Xin Rong! I hate Li Sheng, the girl who played Xiao Yan Zhi. She was only picked because she looked like Vicki but she had none of the charm. Boy the author must have been desperate to pick her. Her acting stinks! I want to cheer everything she cries or get in trouble. I hate her, she's a spoil child and she's a witch and ruined Yong Qi. He's a better match to Xin Rong and in his case, Mother's right.
I've been waiting for Startling even since I've heard of it but while it's good sometimes I feel some drag going on. Much be cause I don't like dramas but more into comedy romance. From what I've seen, the princes haven't been shown very much so most of their personalities are a mystery.

I like the 8th prince and 4th prince in Jade. I think they are complete opposites unlike the one in Startling, they seem to be very similar except 4th is much more reserved. I enjoy the moments in Jade when the girl has to decide who she wants to be with since both pairings have so much chemistry.

4th prince is the cool and reserved, kind hearted to those close to his heart but can be ruthless at times. He has shown instances where he let his emotions take rein but rarely. He shows that while he acts distance he does yearn for love and affection.

8th prince is like an overgrown child. He can be simple and bull headed but he can be very affectionate to people. When he yearns for affections he acts out and he is ruled by his heart. This doesn't mean he's stupid, he is fairly intelligent he just choose to follow his heart.

This this sort of like Naruto vs Gaara where two children have similar experiences but grew up differently. 4th and 8th both want affections and to be king but they have different methods. 4th bottles up his emotions. 8th let it all out. Both were ignored by their mothers for half of their lives.

The crown prince in Jade is a simpleton. A good hearted simpleton but still an idiot. Such a shame, I think he would have better off if he was a farmer or artists or somthing. It so sad how he tries but can't make the cut. I think it's interesting to have such a foil. All the princes are different. 14th is also innocent but not in a simpleton way. He just can't understand why there is such treachary in the family, why should they kill family to ascend to the thrown instead of living happily by each other.
Since no one's here might as well rant to the world. Frankly I'm shocked and amazed on how useless this website is if not for 1/2 Prince translation. If not for my love of 1/2 Prince I would never visit it again. Why? Because slow updates. Seriously you have what 10 people or so translating this and you still update what? One or twice a month or never. Seriously? One chapter takes a group a whole month? Wow why do you even put up false times and even change them to make the site look good. I mean I can think of three translators on top of my head who works ALONE and still get the job done! Hell if I could read Chinese and have the novels, I would start my own  website for the sake of Yu Wo's fans! If not then they would have at least put up small summaries if they're too lazy to do it!


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