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Like my title says, there is someone with the same name as me with blogposts, if anyone asks I'll say this beforehand. This is the only journal with Bladebird and I'm too cheap to change it. That and I've had this account for a while. So please don't confuse me with anyone else with the same name and enjoy your visit. 
"A message on Sina Weibo that was re-posted over 60,000 times read "When I watched the Old Princess Pearl then, I always hoped Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei could finish off the empress and Wet Nurse Rong; when I watch the New Princess Pearl now, I just hope the empress and Wet Nurse Rong finish off Xiaoyanzi and Ziwei as quickly as possible."

I rewatched it just to see how terrible and spoiled Li Sheng is.

FYJT Summaries

Finally got my groove back and if anyone's still reading or interested, I am currently doing summary translations starting from volume 4. Not indepth but mainly kind of like a paragraph or two per chapter in a volume until I loose interest. 
Note: This starts right after the Math Duel and meeting Ruo Yan. My Chinese is terrible, I originally wanted to translate this sentence by sentence but it was too hard for him so I have to summarize, some things might be inaccurate but this is just the main points. If anyone wants to correct me on anything to do with the story go ahead. I have so much spare time right now so I might post something everyday depend on my interest and whoever's readingClick me to read this and Please Comment!Collapse )

Fanfiction Changes

Is anyone else irritated by the changes on FF.net. I mean I can several plagiarizer on the site who are ignored by the mods yet the mods get angry with M-Rated content? Does anyone see any problem with this? I mean they ignored theft but care about sexual content within stories. I mean there are ratings for a reason and another thing what about the new changes. The story covers are getting on my nerves, don't know why but they are!

My Thoughts on Avatar: Korra

1. She's pretty ugly, she looks like a boy about to become a man. 
2. Tenzin looks like a Tibet wiseman.
3. Mako and Bolin are a pretty cool add since they represent the changes.
4. I hope Zuko's descendant show up, hottie a pretty boy.
5.Bei Fong is so old. She doesn't look anything like Toph. I wonder who Toph married. It will be pretty cool if Mako and Bolin are her children because Toph married Zuko. LOL. That would be a nice twist.
6. I hope they show what happened to Zuko's mom. 
7. I wonder if Korra will have a love interest?
8. Maybe a descendant of Aang? That would be plain creepy and fun cause forbidden relationships. Does getting together with the reincarnation of your grandfather count as Taboo? 
He's so adorable as a baby. He's like mini plushy. I would love to be in Bianchi's shoes, being Reborn's beautiful Italian lover. I originally thought his sideburns were stupid but Luce was right. His sideburns are his most attractive feature. It completes him. I've been wondering, even if he's a professional baby hitman why does he go around in costumes and act so silly adorable? I wonder if this means he has a costume fetish. 
1. No nakama power up which is rare from what I can remember (BONUS POINT)
2. He loves Sasuke. There I said it! He's worst than Sakura
3. He's loud and orange.
4. He's fists move faster than he brain


Okay I was wrong

No entirely. I enjoy Startling by Each Step, it's a great dramatic real life story. All the actors were perfect. I actually cried during the ending. It was so sad. I mean if only 4th wasn't the emperor, then perhaps they could be together. It goes to show how two people only hurt each other when they love each other. I mean the only reason he became Emperor is to help Rouxi and 13th. It worked but it practically destroy their relationship. 13th treats 4th like an Emperor and not a brother. 4th has to get rid of all the people Rouxi loves to secure the throne. Rouxi can't stay what 4th has to do to become Emperor. This reminds of xxxholic on how you have to give up something to obtain something of equal value. It's like 4th asked Yukio for help and in return his relationships would suffer.


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